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Hillary Rettig

Infinite Art
writer, teacher, coach
Kalamazoo, MI
As me about productivity (especially creative productivity), and overcoming procrastination, perfectionism, and other blocks to success. Also, values-based time management. And social justice! Also: veganism, foster parenting, being a living kidney donor, and dogs.

The core of my work is the idea that procrastination, blocks, and other forms of underproductivity are symptoms of disempowerment. Disempowerment means you’re not missing anything you need to be productive: you’re just separated from, or have lost access to, that which you have–i.e., your strengths, skills, talents and energy. (Laziness, lack of discipline, lack of commitment, and other supposed deficiencies are all symptoms of the disempowerment, not causes, so please don’t focus on them.) All my work is devoted to helping people locate and remedy the disempowering forces in their work and life so that they can reclaim their joyful productivity.