Penguicon 2017 has ended
The schedule is now finalized! Clicking "attend" does not guarantee a spot in events with limited attendance. Sign-up sheets are only available at Operations during the event, not online. Note that you can view the schedule in different formats by clicking on the word "schedule" directly underneath this message. We can’t wait to see you at Penguicon 2017!
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Mark Monster

Crazy Mark TV
Creator - Director - Psychic
Hey! I'm part of Media Litter Sandwich, the chill media podcast about anything media where just about anything can happen! I'm into the Paranormal - Ghosts - Cryptozoology - UFOs - Angels - Kachinas - Horses - Dogs - Cats - We can all get along and party....don't engage me with politics, religion, get-rich-quick-schemes or hard science because those won't matter when we pass over. Oh that's right! This is Penguicon - I'm single with a preference for women from earth, and if you're an alien, I'm sure we can connect since I may be a lizard alien - not sure, but not betting the farm that I'm not. I do eat meat. Like a werewolf. And my TV show, Crazy Mark TV, just went global on a dedicated network streamer. Every Friday night 10:30pm EST. at crazymark.com