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Rachel White

Technical Evangelist
Rachel is a self-taught developer and designer who is interested in new uses for old hardware, robots, VR/AR/MR and bots. She’s spoken internationally about JavaScript Robotics, Twitter Bots, browser based video games and Node.js. Rachel is currently working on multiple video game projects and a VR cat cafe.

We often hear about how Node.js is fueling digital transformation within businesses, but what about the creative work (and there’s plenty of it) being done with Node.js?

Rachel will explore creativity with Node.js and provide a glimpse into the art pieces people are working on that are powered by Node.js, how they are using it and what services they are incorporating.
Friday, April 28

16:00 EDT

17:00 EDT

19:00 EDT

20:00 EDT

21:00 EDT

22:00 EDT

Saturday, April 29

00:00 EDT

09:00 EDT

10:00 EDT

11:00 EDT

12:00 EDT

13:00 EDT

14:00 EDT

18:00 EDT

20:00 EDT

Sunday, April 30

10:00 EDT

14:00 EDT

15:00 EDT