Penguicon 2017 has ended
The schedule is now finalized! Clicking "attend" does not guarantee a spot in events with limited attendance. Sign-up sheets are only available at Operations during the event, not online. Note that you can view the schedule in different formats by clicking on the word "schedule" directly underneath this message. We can’t wait to see you at Penguicon 2017!
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Mark Haynes

Dmarkhaynes Consulting
Scrum Master/Agile Team Facilitator
Greater Detroit Area
I’m a renaissance man trapped in a specialist’s body. My degree is in biologist. That’s why I’m IT. I’ve worked as a software developer, with an elegant language for a more civilized age. I became a QA guy, because breaking things is therapeutic. I became a process specialist because it’s easier to negotiate with a terrorist than a Methodologist. I’ve been a Scrum Master and Agile Coach for the last few year. I have drunk the Koolaid and it tastes good. Agile is really a philosophy, not a methodology. I’m often asked how long have you been agile? Always.