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Nuri Gocay

Penguicon 2022
Guest of Honor
Greater Detroit Area

Nuri Gocay (he/him) installed his first copy of Slackware Linux on his family Packard Bell, 75mhz, and has been tying up phone lines ever since. 

A Pengui-peep since 2009, when his best friend James Gamble said - “hey look at this, it’s really cool”, Nuri dove head in. First as Penguicon TV, then hotel assistant, then hotel Liaison, then as two time conchair, then some more hotel stuff…Nuri really loves Penguicon. It’s why he moved to and lives in southeast Michigan! 

In his day job, Nuri is a chief evangelist and sales strategist at a major software and hardware company. This role takes him to stages and customers across the world, where he talks about leveraging data to build elegant, frictionless, personalized customer experiences. In his past, he’s worked for AWS, Google, Expedia, USAA, T-Mobile, and has traveled the world as a consultant. He codes in Python, NodeJS, and VB.net.  Yeah, VB.net.

Nuri's Twitter: https://twitter.com/DetroitNuri

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, April 28

17:00 EDT

18:00 EDT

Sunday, April 30

13:00 EDT

15:00 EDT